Thursday, September 17, 2009


By: MSA-UZ Member

I have Allah to thank for, because He guided me to find a group which really changed my life into something valuable, and that group was the Muslim Students Association- a group which is very beloved to my heart.

Foremost, we expressed our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the academe for giving us the freedom of assembly in order that we may grow into well-rounded individuals who can be an asset in peace building regardless of faith, creed, race, color or gender. Through the years, the MSA serves as a crucial instrument in upholding the well being especially the spiritual aspect of not only the students but also the faculty and staff of this University.

Just recently on March 21, 2009, the association held its Prayer Gathering Program along with a Special Stage Play Presentation on the history of MSA with the theme of “YOUTH: THE SOUL OF THE NATION”. The said affair was attended by plenty students, some faculty and staff from different colleges of the University, and also from the MSA members of different schools and universities within the city. It was indeed a very successful endeavor for the organizer, the MSA-UZ, ALHAMDULILLAH.

The affair ran smoothly. In fact it was a very emotional afternoon for the MSA especially to the graduating ones because once they graduated they will be missing all the things they have done while they are in college and so busy with MSA activities. The presentation on what people say about MSA really touched their hearts and made them cry because they realized that because of MSA they have become good servants of ALLAH by practicing the teaching of ISLAM despite of the hectic schedules as college students. In effect, the MSA really cares for MSA, because MSA has become the means of the Muslim students in upholding Islam in the academe.

Moreover, the spiritual advice given by the guest speakers namely: Ustadz Abdulwahid Amil, Ustadz Guldamier Amirul, Ustadz Abdulhaq Muhammad; extremely inspired the students to become more studious and be more pro-active minded in doing something for the cause of ISLAM. This is because ISLAM is neither merely doing the five pillars i.e. praying five times a day, fasting in the month of Ramadhan etc. nor staying only at the mosque and waiting for the blessing, instead ISLAM is a comprehensive way of life that in every movement of a Muslim, he is being guided by its beautiful teaching.

Among the guest speakers during the program were the two highest officials of the university. It was Dr. Bashiruddin Ajihil, Vice President for Academic Affairs-UZ who really challenged the MSA-UZ in his Inspirational message. He imposed a great challenge to the association to call upon all Muslim students in the university to come and be a part of all MSA activities so they can be oriented with the teaching of true Islamic values.

The program continued with the words of advice coming from the energetic woman, Dr. Norma T. Francisco, Dean of Student Affairs-UZ, who never relents in helping the association in its endeavor. In her speech, she congratulated the MSA-UZ for the contributions being rendered to the university and for being the dynamic association in the university that has conducted various endeavors for the good cause. She called out for assistance to the MSA-UZ to help the school in imposing some disciplinary actions to the students who are fond of doing violations within the school premises as well as exhorted everyone to be part of MSA. “I hope to see more students praying at the MSA Praying Center. I hope to see the 70% of Muslim students to be under the MSA. I hope to see that the next officers and members of MSA-UZ could do the same or do more,” Ma’am Norma said. Indeed, the Office of Student Affairs totally supports the MSA-UZ in all its program and activities.

Finally, this very great challenge vested upon the MSA-UZ can never be realized of course after the help of Almighty Allah without the consolidated participation of all the Muslim students in this university along with the academe. We crucially need too the unending all out support of especially the school’s administration in this struggle. In our humble capacity, we will not disappoint you in your expectation to the MSA-UZ in upholding the good values within the students via teaching them the beautiful values of Islam in several methods. Consequently, we can ultimately have a University of pious students. To the Muslim Students, let us work hand in hand in this challenge. Let us come back to the teachings of our ad-Deen by sincerely performing our responsibilities as Muslim youth. As the next generation of rulers of the Ummah, we must get ready ourselves now so we can readily face the task that awaits us tomorrow.

It is our hope and prayer that with strengthened faith and unity, peace and prosperity will reign in our beloved university. May the blessing of peace continue to triumph us amidst an atmosphere of mutual respect and goodwill. Please support Muslim youth…

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